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Integrous Steel Software Solutions was founded to utilize experience in the steel fabrication and software industries, researching and providing the latest technological solutions for problems faced by today's fabricators.


Scott Love


Scott attended Purdue University in Northwest Indiana before enlisting in the United State Air Force. After four years as an Avionics Technician on the F-15E, Scott spent the next 8 years in the fabrication industry, performing estimating duties and purchasing functions in several South Florida fabrication shops. He was also responsible for project management and design work for ornamental divisions.

After his time in the fabrication industry, he spent the next 10 years at several of the world's top fabrication management software companies, where he was able to work with thousands of fabricators of all sizes to determine software management solutions based on the specific needs of his clients.

This educational experience helped him realize that, while many fabricators are excellent at their core business—fabrication—quite a few needed help determining how to more effectively run the business side.

Scott now uses this knowledge and experience to understand what each company is looking for in efficiency software. He started Integrous to help fabricators move away from one-and-done solutions and toward implementing software with whole-system efficiency and integration in mind.

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