QuickQnect™ engineers and connects Tekla 3D steel structures to optimize fabrication time, improve accuracy and increase project profitability.

Qnect QuickQnect™

Benefits for Everyone

Across the board, Qnect offers substantial quality, speed and cost improvements for industry players.

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  • Fabricators:

    • Average savings of $60/ton through connection and bolt optimization
    • Single purchase provides you with multiple optimization outputs based on your preferences and further revisions at no cost throughout the lifecycle of the project
    • Connections are engineered and can be directly loaded back into the model with no entry from your side (engineering calc’s included with response)
    • Partner engineers can be utilized in conjunction with Qnect who can help accomplish the roughly other 15% to 20% of complex connections who will then stamp Qnect’s output
  • Steel Detailers:

    • Get models connected on day one, free up time to focus onunique connections and miscellaneous.
  • Engineers of Record:

    • Use QuickQnect™ as your digital infrastructure to deliver fully connected 3D models, expand your design development time, reduce approval time, increase profits.
  • Connection Engineers:

    • Use QuickQnect™ to focus on high margin, complex engineering to increase profit margins.

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